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Roomba 690 vs 890 – Which is the best model?

The Roomba 690 and 890 were released at the same time, and the highlight was the Smart connectivity and Alexa compatibility. Today, the duo is among the bestselling Smart robot vacuums. But then, there is a huge difference in their prices with the Roomba 890 costing around $200 more. Spending $200 more doesn’t seem a ….  Read More

How to choose a vacuum for carpet?

You will agree with me that to have a carpet in the room means to have a piece of coziness and warmth, especially when the weather is gloomy, and it snows all day long.  But having a carpet or several carpets also means to have an eternal problem with is cleaning, washing, and vacuuming; and it becomes a real tragedy if you have pets that shed their hair everywhere at least twice a year.    

Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

 comfort in their lives. There are a number of tasks that cannot be completed in a short period of time if done manually. Floor and Capet cleaning is one of those tasks that take lots of time, but it is not a thing to be worried because of an incredible device, Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200. It is a splendid device due to which floor cleaning task has eased up to a satisfactory level. People have provided a great response after the use of it because it has saved lots of their time and effort.